Justin Smith


A little about me

The Principal at Kangaroo Point Real Estate with a Masters Degree in property development, and first-hand local knowledge of the Kangaroo Point area, Justin has a firm grasp on the reality of the local property market.

As someone who lives and owns property in Kangaroo Point, Justin truly believes in everything the local area has to offer, and understands the market very well. With his background in management rights and development, Justin has a strong, practical foundation and knowledge of property presentation, rentals and maintenance.

Justin is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for his clients. He is strong-willed, persuasive and driven by results. It is these key traits that have lead Justin to achieving a proven track record in sales across a broad range of property types in Kangaroo Point and the surrounding suburbs.

If you are looking for a driven, professional property consultant with first-hand, up-to-date knowledge of the local area, contact Justin on 0438 143 691


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